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India has been the birthplace of several technological invention for centuries and is a proud country holding many experts in various field contributing more useful inventions to the world’s society. Education plays a vital role to shape and support experts to grow up and from where their adventure begins. Here we discuss the sensational topic on the system of Education, where the country is serious on educating children at least to the age of 14 and is in action of taking various measures to provide child education at any cost.


A Turning Point in the Way of Teaching:

In earlier days some two eras before, Gurukul system was in practice where children are admitted in Guru’s (teacher) place to learn Mathematics to Metaphysics under his guidance and on parallel help him in his activities. In this form of learning, classrooms play no role, learning is only under the nature’s roof and from practical understanding together with plenty of examples to enlighten student knowledge. Later in 1830, the so-called Classroom structure and Boards were introduced by Lord Thomas Babington Macaulay, the person to introduce modern education in India. As time flew, it led to creation of different board structure and school organization. Now the Republic of India is keen on educating children of age group 6-14 with many schemes and similarly to scheduled castes and scheduled tribes to encourage learning and increase enrollment at schools. After all, education empowers the nation.

With that being the scenario of Education System in India, still speculation revolves in the teaching system which though equipped advance in urban areas, rural schools fail to receive attention in revamping the old school architecture and the system of teaching. Have a look at the five below changes extremely required in the Indian Education System to reform the nation and support its development to a greater unbelievable extent.

The Question is what actually needed?
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The Structure of the syllabus is convenient for students (“10+2+3″ pattern of education) and the segregation of lessons is outstanding to learn in the Indian Education System. The only concern with the syllabus is that the lessons get outdated while the years go forward since the inventions are enduring and by this time you read this post, someone would have devised something new to the world in his/her interest of subject. The Tech is booming and many advanced programming is evolving in India. Still the primary syllabus of the academic system brings less impact and tranquil.

Say for example, the case of marketing studies such as MBA or so, the marketing channels in the year 1970s have advanced and today, Social Network contributes greatly for advertising and marketing. But this knowledge of Social Media Marketing should be made aware right in their course of study and is not something which should be identified in the working experience. Hence, the education system needs a revamp with the latest subjects incorporated in the syllabus.

  •  Skill Development rather than Knowledge Building


Some schools enlist a list of extracurricular activities to develop student’s capabilities in terms of problem solving, communication enhancement, verbal skills, writing skills, creativity, physical fitness and more. Here again, these skill development programme are realized and accepted uneven if checked across the schools and colleges in India. These extracurricular activities should be made available to all students irrespective of the state and region of people.

  • Technology Driven Teaching

India produces prominent engineers pioneering in different versatile organizations across the globe, but still the hindrance to technology driven classrooms prevails and is incompletely exploited in the nation. Proper measures should be undertaken to widely make aware of the benefits in adding technology to the classroom and bring in a significant change in student’s perception of subjects. The usual brick and mortar universities has reached the threshold to break and welcome modernized atmosphere to students who live exactly in the technological era. If this happens, hopefully more modern solutions get in the way naturally.

  •  Personalized Education


Not all students have uniform IQ levels, while some kids learn fast, some at slow. Montessori Education is based on this fact where similar age groups are combined in a single classroom and the elder helps the younger. This way, elderly students teach and memorize the subject naturally and the younger gets special attention from elders who teaches until he understands. Such type of classrooms naturally builds the student’s capability laying stronger foundation of education. A central regulation restricts the school from attempting different forms of teaching and this is where the drawback lies. Hence, the nation should let schools to analyze, understand their students and bring in effective learning atmosphere and teaching methodology where all students gain benefit equally.

  •  Practical vs Theory


Classroom lessons can be boring encouraging only a little involvement or creativity and walking through such lessons let students try to find justifications to bunk such classes. But if on the other hand, the teacher brings in practical and exciting analogies, the sessions becomes interesting and lesson get understood better.

Not all subjects need practical guidance. Though theoretical knowledge is the base, in order to avoid boredom, the subjects should be made interesting by imparting practical or visual experience to students. Many successful entrepreneurs do not have theoretical knowledge yet their success is built through the experience gained. Certainly, this philosophy applies to our schools.

Let’s not limit ourselves only to a few points, share your valuable thoughts on the change you would like to see in the Indian Education System. Your thoughts are most welcome!

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Vijina Jairaj

As a Content Crafter with PenPencilEraser, She looks into more topics extremely vital for schools that resonates with general audience as well.

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As a Content Crafter with PenPencilEraser, She looks into more topics extremely vital for schools that resonates with general audience as well.

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