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It is rather a great revolution happening in the Robotic Technology. We do come across quite often some kind of Robots existing around us. It may sound to be trendy but one need to realize a lot more happenings in the technological advancement. Robotic Technology is now seen as business trends and a lot of top companies has started acquiring it. Quite commonly experienced in the artificial intelligence the so-called Robotic tasks are the static jobs or the repetitive work. This means something like the ATM which dispenses cash, daily cleaning activities like floor maintenance, lawn maintenance, auto door openings and Biometric sensors. This proves to stand as an example that Robots have already come into existence and has become vital for our daily life.

Reading this should trigger and boost the young minds to start exploring and managing to explore opportunities for the future. The reality to get surrounded by Robots is sooner to come. It seems to be beyond imagination as you would have read or noticed companies anticipating business trends and soon it would reach the consumer market as well. The days meant with robots will be like it would feed your pet or answer the door bell in your absence. Technology always surprises you with new innovations.

We would now realize the gaining momentum in the Robotic Technology. It is a highly creative and challenging technology which requires much cross-disciplinary and multiple talent. With a great boom of passion, interest and creativity one can excel in Robotics. It is also a noted subject for the school students in the current trend of education. Students gain a comprehensive and profound knowledge in computer programming, engineering concepts, problem solving, team work which keeps the curiousness triggered to make endless exploration. This ultimately subjects in increase their talents to a greater extend.

Let us get back to the other phenomenon of Robotics, Say for example after the smartphone innovation the need for various gadgets like watch, camera, brief case of important papers and references has been vanished. Now realize that the cost of camera is very meagre and other components like the sensors, display, processors has also been curtailed in price to play with. So if you could gain the components easily students can easily play around with the Robotic concepts.

A brief on Robotic Educations and its importance:

Technology is popular with the NEW BUZZWORD of Robots and beyond the age limits students can be engaged in learning the robot technology which helps them to stimulate various skills with the practical and hands-on training.

  • Understand the engineering concepts
  • Gain practical and hands-on experience
  • Develops creativity
  • Improves analytical and logical skills
  • Acquire team co-ordination
  • Excel in computer programming

When the schools provide such education to the budding students, they are facilitating for the overall development of the student. Such curriculum will make the young minds innovative while they learn to design, develop and experiment. To summarize they are developing the creativity, computation skills, thinking skills, problem solving skills and team building skills in the young minds. When they still keep it primary with more opportunities they would soon see the students manage the Robotic projects independently and seamlessly benefit in STEM Concepts. (i.e.) STEM- Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Simple! Robotics is nothing but our future and has to be learned with motivation. It is exciting and cool to start off. You would notice a lot of brands offering Robot kits to trigger the interest of trialling and experimenting. Schools are expected to recognize the interest of the children at an early stage so as to catch them young as an ASPIRING ROBOTIC ENGINEERS.

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Subashini Srikumar

Engaged as Chief Editor at PenPencilEraser, actively spying on web to add new and exciting discoveries to the Blog.

About Subashini Srikumar

Engaged as Chief Editor at PenPencilEraser, actively spying on web to add new and exciting discoveries to the Blog.

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