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Happy NewYear Wishes 2014 !!!

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Our Sincere Thanks to Schools & Partners who supported and welcomed PenPencilEraser with great appreciation and satisfaction! We continue to extend our gratitude with more advanced and enhanced versions of PenPencilEraser in the forthcoming years.

Best Educational Android Apps for Kids

From Wombi Math to Carnival of Animals, Madagascar: My ABCs to 10Monkeys Multiplication, Gummies Playground to the letter Monster, round the corner android apps never disappointed the young kid and their parents. In deed android is dominating the smartphone market and lots of parents started downloading kids friendly apps to use on their smart phones to educate and entertain the children.

This article portraits informative and imaginative app that enticed children in this year 2013.


Carnival of Animals
Category - Children between 2 and 6

The app Carnival of Animals allows children to explore music and information about the animal planet. Generally the app teaches important elements of music which includes duration, pitch, volume and timber etc. Children learn and enjoy the basic musicality by following the rhythm. The app holds funny image spectrum of different animals, along with the music children will learn about the existence of different animals in the world.
Wombi Math

An educational software targeted to make Maths more fun and interesting. The app is structured around a wall full of mathematical equations and answers, covering the fundamentals of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. This is designed to help all the skill level students and Wombi Math holds a friendly character which makes silly facial expressions on the answer with colorful animations and fun sound effects.



Madagascar: My ABCs

Madagascar: My ABCs app engages the kids about learning alphabets and letter sounds. Madagascar My ABCs is all set with four characters and virtually your child is taken for a field trip with Gloria, Alex, Marty to busy New York City, tropical beaches, colorful jungles and wild savannahs. Letters would be hidden anywhere and your child get the opportunity to discover the letters, sounds, practice upper and lower case and learn to recognize the sounds of the words.


10monkey Multiplication

A smart app that traps smart children into the world of fun in mathematics. The app allows children to learn and practice multiplication. Smart children need to free the ten monkey friends who are in trouble by using their multiplication skills.



Gummies Playground
Category - (Age 2-5)

Gummies Playground is an educational adventure app consider as the preschool curriculum-based collection of 8 games with three levels of difficulties. The app teaches shape, color, foods, animals, matching and finding difference in whole. Gummies would be great mentors and guiding the children through more than 25 games. The game play comes with full narration to make children understand as their own pace and learn as they wish.



The Letter Monster
Category - 3 & 3+

The game play has a little Monster in the sea, game starts with the captain’s verbal instruction and the child job is to feed the monster with the right biscuits. This allows the children to practice letters even outside of the ordered context. The game play has squiggly green caption to react for player answers with expressions and lively comments.




Little Learners Play and Learn

In unison both kids and parents alike. The game play focuses on the toddler development skills and allows to interact with the collection of colorful toys and animals. The app is designed in such a way children have to feed preferred food for each animal, different sounds produced by animals. This game play teach children learn to eat, go, play and helps in differentiating sounds of the animals.

That’s our prick for this month and apps cultivate creativity and active learning environment for the children.

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Widget Management in PenPencilEraser

A School Website is available is at free of cost with PenPencilEraser smart school management system. All you need is to decorate and reinvent the website setup to project your school information on your standards. Take a look at the following list of widgets opened for customization to edit & freeze your school website design in no time.

1. News

2. Youtube Videos


4. Notice Board


5. Download Centres


6. Event Calendar


7. Banners

8. Contact Form

Widget Settings available at the very first tab of Widgets Menu of the software lets school to decide the Title & Color of the widget to be displayed in the homepage of the website. Schools usually give priority to colors and this option lets school to go with the color they choose.

For more information on setting up the free school website, visit PenPencilEraser Demo

Continuous & Comprehensive Report Generation(CCE Report)

A Report to consolidate student’s performance more than academics at school. This report gives parents a clear understanding of their kids behavior by different evaluation conducted by teachers in different viewpoint.

The school can generate CCE report online with simple menu available in PenPencilEraser. Here’s how the CCE Report works

Creating CCE Groups & Sub Groups:

Group is a way to define segments of a CCE Report. For instance, you can create group of your school standards named Academic, Life Skills, Co curricular Activities and so on. Under each group, different elements may fall which could be defined in the sub group section available next to Groups in the CCE dashboard.

Assessments & Grading:


All sub groups will be listed in this section. The teacher can choose their class from the drop down menu and enter the Description of every sub group along with the grade in each. Usually the terms are divided into two i.e first term and second term.

Defining terms:


This report is generated at the end of every term and it depends on the School board structure.

Report Generation:


Report settings is provided to customize the labels/groups to be included in the downloads at the time of report generation. Here you can just check/uncheck to customize the report.

After entering all sufficient data in the groups and making all necessary report settings, visit Report section, choose class & student and in the list of reports you find CCE Report. Check and generate the report which will download as pdf to the system.

School management software free download

Discussing Drawbacks of Free school software:

Free version or completely free software is available in all categories with their own advantage and disadvantage. The real benefit of software is always packed in a pro version. Here in this article, let us discuss the pros and cons of setting up a school software at free of cost.

School is one of the places where high volume of data management with 100% accuracy is mandatory. Handling hectic volume of data in this era does not make sense due to the advancement in technology. Installing software and relying upon the data feeds is common today but the way the date is managed in free and paid versions of a single software is different.

The first visible difference between the two is the technical support rendered over phone or email and even with remote assistance. Many online school management system appoint personnel who give remote support to instruct customers on the go to use the software to the fullest. This feature is perhaps a greatest missing factor in free version of software.

The second prominent difference is the limitation offered in accessibility. User of free version suddenly experience a restriction at any features while the paid version users reap the complete advantage of the software. The limitations are certainly to build the revenue of the software owned company. Until the limitations, these companies do not earn the return on investment. This invitation to limited access of the software let customers use the advantage of the software in free mode and understand the advantages of paid versions. It is a simple marketing method adopted by 90% of downloadable software and web based software.

The third major disadvantage is the unexpected failure of  the system where the software do not promise to backup data and/or help in retrieving the data used in free version. This system do not meet the high requirement of prompt data on the software which makes the data management further complicated and chaotic in case of accidental damage or limitation. Hence at a school, where data of students, parents, teachers, staffs and curriculum  is  managed everyday at utmost accuracy should not take a risk in implementing and relying on free software for costly data.

Almost all paid software let users pay on monthly and yearly basis. Hence, it is easier to try the pro version for a month and then decide to continue on further activation. You also have provisions to try the demo version of school software before signing  up permanent.