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Balanced Academics - An Education System for Better Citizens







CartoonPics.png“Why is it that children, taught the names of the months and the fact that there are twelve of them, don’t ask why the Ninth is called the Seventh (September), the Tenth called the Eight (October), the Eleventh called the Ninth (November), the Twelfth called the Tenth (December)?” Quoted by an American - John Milton Cage Jr. in his M: Writings ’67-’72. This should have opened our eyes then in 1973’s itself.

It is very evident that we still have not realized that schools and colleges are producing not only toppers and graduates but also uncreative, unimaginative, sheepish book worms who just by-heart with fear and anxiety to secure pass in the examinations, while they do not think or imagine things to understand.

The present educational system should possess a change according to the requirements of the students and the capacity to build the talent in them in order to live with confidence in future on their own. Education is the holistic development of an individual to live in this world independently.

Now- a- days, parents are also opting for the best renowned schools so that they can both work to live a luxurious life leaving the students dependent on teachers. After school the poor pupil will be left with no one to say what is good and what is bad. They hardly see the parents together no entertainment or family outing and mostly they end up being a single child. They develop a sort of hatred towards the school as that is the only place where they are restricted a lot compared to their carefree or a busy house. Intending to lose temper and interest out of frustration in school, gradually turn out to be slow learners. To avoid these we should keep the tiny brains busy at schools by introducing vocational training classes along with their academics. In this process they learn to make friends and share ideas and things with them.

It should be made compulsory that they choose their area of interest and excel in it. Timing should be planned in such a way that both academics as well as vocational classes will be given equal importance.

It is we who should personally train them and mold them to become a good human, a good citizen who can think on his own and solve his problems rather than making his life easy by spoon feeding him from a very early age restricting him to think individually.