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The Inertia of Routine


Technology is the Utilization to Act as an Advocate for Mind to Exit from Inertia of Routine, the Practice in Pioneer Schools!

Wikipedia says, “Inertia is the resistance of any physical object to any changes in its state of motion, including changes to its speed and direction. It is the tendency of objects to keep moving in a straight line at constant velocity” – This is a natural phenomenon common to humans. This is the simple reason why we appear to move for some time even after getting down from a fast moving transport.

The interesting fact is that, inertia of motion is a scientific phenomenon that can be tackled and managed with formulas. But, there is a Psychological Inertia in every mind that needs lot of effort to be managed – It is the Inertia of Routine! Our mind is comfortable doing a particular action in a particular way. However better an alternate way is, the mind is reluctant to come out of the routine way. Just as the human body sets itself after sometime from getting down from a moving bus, the human mind also sets itself against the inertia of routine in a due course of time.

The recovery time depends on how strong the Inertia of Routine in our mind is. Stronger the force, longer the time to recover.

Such an application of the strong force of Inertia is in ‘Schools’. The system of Schooling is in existence for a very long time, and the nature of work remains unchanged in schools irrespective of time. This consistent nature of work in turn has created an inertia of routine especially among the teaching force. It is the strength of this force that challenges the benefits technology could bring into our schooling system. Our teachers are comfortable doing their routine, the way they have been doing it for years together. Their methods have been successful all these days. Their results have been complete all these days. ‘Then Why do I have to change?’ is the question. ‘I am already comfortable’ is their justification. But many times we forget that technology is not to simplify routine and make you idle, but to simplify routine and to direct you towards several other beneficial areas where the human brain could be in action! We need to understand this in order to come out of the inertia of routine.

The inertia of motion could be overcome by a sustained static state. The inertia of routine could be overcome by sustained benefits made possible with the help of technology! The drastic shift from mobile phones to smart phones took a huge leap after the application of WhatsApp in smart phones. Every technological advance needs to show a beneficial application to overcome the fear in using the new technology. Stronger the benefit, easier it is to overcome the inertia in mind!

Hence, the pioneers in School Managements using technological advances need to utilize it for stronger benefits than to consider them as just time saving processes. There needs to be a well-planned utilization of time & effort saved using technology. It is this utilization that would act as an advocate for the mind to come out of the inertia of routine!