How to become a best and outstanding student?

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Internationally, the standard phenomenon over the best students is that they are really advanced and know lots of Mathematics. Not sure, where it started but across the nations, the same point is considered. At most times, it tends to think whether the best students are ahead in knowledge and awareness or the scores decide the destiny.

I did mention about Maths but it is rather Science too which most East Asian countries pay attention. This has deliberated to the STEM talent and now progress to STEAM education which includes Arts along with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

Just as we come to the topic we released that the best person to evaluate the outstanding students are their teachers themselves as all the teachers are somehow exposed to all level of students and the different ability individuals. When encountered with the high school teacher at a metro in India, she was so clear to mention the outstanding student is the one who is advanced in all inclusive of the subjects, language, activity, discipline and they are much advanced compared to the others in same age group.

On keen observation over the toppers or the achievers, follow the pattern to see yourself transforming to the betterment.

Keep exploring more on the pieces of stuff you are proficient

Starting from scratch will not take you in the rocket speed but it is possible to have a good grasp of what you have already learned and had them in your gray cells. Now think of ways you could explore the set of skills and try to outsmart. You may create a platform outside your classroom to gain more knowledge and bring it forward to your class to exhibit. This will draw attention to your skills and would strengthen your confidence.

You are outstanding, challenge yourself in new ways

This is exactly something you should crave for and it requires in-depth knowledge and understanding of the subject. Keep yourself in pace with the ever-changing scenario and exploring a great many available resources you must build your mind sticking to challenge with the new and advanced challenges. This could be a debate session for a language enthusiast, a creative presentation for the designer and what more get yourself set into the challenges of professionals.

Get interested in high-level discussion and complexity

Nothing can be worked on lacking interest. It is important to set a high level of interest and engage with the advanced learners and seniors. It may be something which we call to dig in deep to outsmart, Exactly! You are to show up some fascinating interest level and keep moving by reviewing yourself in the truly engaged complexities.

Choose something to excel based on your interest

This philosophy most commonly applies to all the tasks we do and particularly for the advanced learning students they need to think in the most creative way and have to show up to the global challenges. The exploration and the incorporating the skills in the chosen field need to be worked on the consistent basis. Such an involvement and the motivation can be experienced only when the subject is based on the interest. Undeniably, the learner who is keenly interested would work it up at the advanced level and get the brains of the outstanding student and would be able to generate competitive ideas.

Never ever get exhausted

This should be one among the most key points to be realized. As most of the advanced learners would stretch themselves from the normal working day and they would extend the schedule and constantly engage themselves in practicing new things and to achieve the set targets. We need to work on consistency basis and never let the minds set on the pinnacle reach where in you would not be able to extend. So, without losing interest and acquisition of the knowledge should take place for which able planning need to be concentrated.

Dear enthusiastic student, you may be all set to demonstrate your extraordinary ability and prove to be an outstanding student. For some reason, you can perform it better with some guidance from your teachers or parents. Now, all that you have to do is owe to your mentor over your challenges and gain their assistance.

What your mentors can do for you?

You mentor can better identify your strengths and help you dive into the subject. They help you choose your choice and make you adapt to the challenges.


Your mentor can get you integrated to the technology providing you the bridge and help you with time to explore innovative and academic contents from the web world.

They have kept you associated with other advanced learner and can make you work together with them in projects, groups, and studies.

They can accelerate you to the toughest engagement and they are best to strategies the various learning skills in students.

Your mentors can help you in comparing with your peer groups and update you with your missing comparative skills. This update will create a benchmark and aids you in better performance.

You mentor can set the goals and track the progress. They exactly know the reaching spot and the timeline. They help you preparing and motivating to achieve the goals.

As the goals are tangible they can help you in accounting the progress and keeping you in line with the schedules to win the plan.

Exploring is one aspect and creativity is another, your mentors are best to teach you creatively and help you in lateral thinking.

Indeed, it is also possible if you wish to transform to achievement without the adult intervention if you a quick in grasping, able to access the additional resources, stay responsible in the group, distract all the distractions, exercising the leadership in yourself, bringing self-initiative and strengthening your ability and aptitude. Most importantly able to self-evaluate periodically.


Does Education today kill Creativity?

PenPencilEraser Schools and Creativity
Education, this is something that runs in each of our minds as a student, as a parent, as a teacher who is a parent and as a teacher. Why specifically mentioned as a teacher who is a parent deliberates that they are knotted at both ends and they have the complete insight of the expectations of the parents and the reality deliveries at schools.

Many prominent educationalist and writers mention clearly and have spoken much over the creativity in children and one such mention were that ‘children have extraordinary creativity and are born with the creative talents and over the education, they unlearn their creativity skills.’ It’s a sad thing and that is exactly what is happening in the current day education system.

Why at all the creativity is not treated the same as literacy education?

What are the common attributes among these?

How well can be taken up for the success in children?

Sometimes the reality is that that situations when answers are unknown the questions keeps mounting up and that’s exactly what I have been doing here.

Well, passionately let us consider creativity coming along with us as we grow up. Yes! It must as each of us are born creative and we grow killing it at every stage. The slaughterer here what I wish to call is the competition and the comparison. We all know parents who are not aware of the education, the concepts, the chapters and the knowledge which the school provides to their child, but even such parents are a double degree professionals in knowing the competition and studying the comparison.

PenPencilEraser Schools and education

All the creative dilution starts here and as parents expect their children to stand in the cut-throat competition the pressure mounts upon students and they are seen snatched away from their hobbies, sports, interest and the creativity. This over the period keeps them much away from the creative pieces of stuff and makes them run behind the unrealistic competition and the numeric scores. So, how are we going to grow up creativity, well let’s come to it?

Academics are important to make you brilliant and successful but not the degrees and scores!

In the recent times’ end of the academic year, one common activity syndrome is seen among the parents, what I call it is ‘Shopping for School’, am sure most of you would agree with me as the academic year draws to end the parents meet to plan and explore rather exploit with schools.

Schools are structured in the same way at all nations across the world. Beneath the schools are the principles governing them, and their ability to bring up the child successful and confident citizens rather leaders.

Importance of Creativity

This should be to the attention of parents and teachers, creativity is directly the so-called intelligence which can be experienced in the subjects they learn. Brilliance comes when the child can grasp the lessons taught, the lectures listened, the books read and able to reproduce the learned content during the exams and assessments. But what intelligence meant is that the blurred line between the learning and thinking. When the child learns the subject in different modes and when he must reproduce he thinks his ability to add his original ideas which are said to have more value and this outcome is much welcomed.

Thankfully, creativity is related to the academic excellence too and wonder not that those who enhance their creative capabilities with the excellence in human imagination are the genius the world celebrates. Hooking on to the mundane system losing energy over winning the competition may be the part of today education but how many of the students are encouraged to work on their best and the rest to concentrate on their passion, creativity, and experiment. When I mention experiment it calls for more thoughts.

Fear of experimenting kills creativity!

Another reason how the education kills creativity is that children of today fear to do mistakes while mistakes, when done, opens the creative door. They fear to be wrong and as they set their minds that to be wrong is not acceptable they condense their thinking capacity and initiate bring experimental as their mind thinks. This is because mistakes, when done, are subjected to humiliation and demotivation. So, as the child grows up without mistakes they lose the capacity for creativity. Somehow today’s education is killing the creative capacities in students.

PenPencilEraser Schools and experiment

Allowing them and appreciating their exploration and handling the mistakes in the positive manner which enable their creativity and only when being wrong they can come up with something original. This must be encouraged and set the a platform for exploration with motivation.

Do not discourage mistakes, set a motivation for exploration.

In the popular talk of Sir Ken Robinson clearly, indicates the education that kills the creativity and restoring it with complete awareness to the parents and teachers of this generation.

Creativity happens to bring happiness. Set the happiness in children and let the different perspective of education be thought of and bring light to the real education.

Schools, be realized!

Schools should consider the intelligence in students and encourage. Not just the exams and scores should determine the academic excellence. The competency should be measured on the creative part and educate the children of today with the different competency and free thinking ability makes the school responsible for their success and would be creating successful future leaders.

IoT is Powering up the schools!


Technology in education has geared up in the recent times and the hope for further development has much potential and it looks like no similarity to the conventional school methodology. The comparable advancements are vast and it is clear that Internet of Things is one of its kind providing revolutionary change in the way we live and think.
The amazing technology IoT just not connects and collaborates with people, processes, and devices there are much more to be experienced and  rely up on. The schools today need some kind of digital support to enhance the performance, security, analytical and much more which we are to discuss in this article.  The improvements in the key factors of the institution are well taken off and we would necessarily be advancing in the high-speed networking.

Another mind opener here is that technology would become a life skill for students and it will be integrated to the education. Things move technologically in schools every day. Classroom which were known as Smart Classroom has now expanded and been known as Small Schools. Most of the functions of the schools are integrated with the technology.

What is Smart School?

As we know that Internet of Things is the term referring to the machine to machine communication and obviously, this leads to the Big Data concepts. In the smart school the ample devices are built with the smart sensors and to name a few the sensors are the various entrees, exits, lights, locks, inventory, transport, belongings, etc.

To best accommodate this integrity in schools the school infrastructure must be much supportive and it needs to provide a highly reliable Wi-Fi network that which is scalable for all expansions. It is also vital to consider the security measures along with the privacy policy to protect the total data.

Why should Schools adhere to IoT?

The direct benefit of the students going to schools is for the knowledge, education and teaching. This when related to the adoptive curriculum would gain overall development both knowledge wise and soft skills. When incorporating this technology of IoT it is proven to have vast exposure and it provides the students the great opportunity to learn the systems well. It also inspires greater creativity paving way to innovation. The enter school functions are quick and experiences more reliability and ensures more concentration over the career growth of the students.

One primary reason is the enhanced results with better learning experience. Students are highly competitive and they live in a world of more learning and advanced exploration. The students’ performance is the key factor that potentially being out the level of learning. With the many technology advancement, the e-learning applications give more benefits and they are every focusing and goes with the interests of the school to teach on the subjects as the future demands.

Another reason is the improvement in the operational efficiency of the school overall. They can check and track both the people and the activities in a better and prompt manner. When there is a proper utilization of the teachers and the resources they would be justifying, the cost incurred in the technical transformation. The real-time analysis makes the best outcome to enjoy success and achievements.

Coming to the next important reason which is the safety and security. Every day monitoring manually is a tedious job and hence the smart schools which adhere to the better resource management makes it a point to record the attendance automatically, the belongings are secured with the RFID chip integration. The smart cards enable the attendance and the whereabouts of the individual.  The much safer campus and commute will bring in better peace of mind to the parents and the school as well.

A Rush of Internet of Things in School!

IoT is cropping in schools and it has been highly embedded over all the segments of the schools. The students are seen connected with their belonging like the back pack, lunch pack along with the auto check of the temperature or the freshness. Wireless devices found every corner which makes you feel the smart school, giving better leverage to the mobile and personalized learning, getting collaborated with the parents anytime, initiating discussions with the overseas students to compare and explore the subjects with them.

Exploring IoT wonders of Today!
E-learning with auto assessment:

More concepts of e-learning, flipped learning and collaborative learning paves a great way to the success of the education in schools. More so the learning is being followed by the automatized assessments which makes it sure to obtain the results promptly. It is rather a time saving technique for the faculties and hence more time is being dedicated for the teaching. The automatized process does gets the student know the competition and make it for the best outcome to stay competitive always.

Digital boards:

This is a highly innovative concept for schools where the lessons are demonstrated visually and less stressed are the teachers to describe to bring in the imagination in the students. The digital boards are integrated to the interactive elements which describes elaborative details.

Remote school’s collaboration:

Knowledge comes from various means and one such is the collaboration with students of varied culture and overseas. This remote school collaboration makes it possible to understand and explore the way the students of another frontier think and act. More a practical experience defined to benefit wholesome in students.

Video recording and auto delivery of lectures:

Works beneficial to students who are absent to the classes, the auto recording of the lectures and having them automatically delivered to the student portal to access and get prepared for the next session.

Online test:

This is one that takes the complete convenience and hence even the home schooling concepts are getting wide spread. This would seek the attention of the parents who would be monitoring the students while in the assessment but in the IoT concepts the students observed and monitored by the invigilator himself and the e-invigilation makes a lot difference.

3D printers and laser trimmers:

Learning with technology is an advantage and this is added with the 3D printers which gives more practical experienced which the objects that needs to be observed realistic. Along with the laser trimmers much more realistic creations can be made to the surprise of the world audience. Automated concepts based on learning lessons comes to printing in 3D which multiplies the understanding.

Global collaboration:

Right from the concepts to exams things get globally collaboration and for the faculty members it is wide spread concept to include and multiply the audience with the global students. The overall enrichment can be experienced by the schools and schools seen to operate without any boundaries.

Trash receptacles:

This is an internal IoT managed robotically and the trash sensors mean to locate the thrasher and chaos are eliminated in schools about the lost and found aspect.

Robot cleaning:

The campus gets into the continuous cleaning process as to the robot’s function irrespective of the time, energy, and the weather. This makes the management proud of the highest form of hygiene been provided to the students and more confident to be free from infections and health disorder.

Surveillance observance:

Right from the campus entry to each entry and exit all over totalling to hundreds of cameras been installed and they are operated with complete monitoring. To advance the system the monitoring is also been automatized with the IoT to sense and compare the normal day with any abnormal happenings. This helps the management to have 100% control.

Wearables smart tracking:

This is a device which is made to possess by everyone in the schools. This helps in their tracking and when it is students they can easily track the presence of the student and generate the report. This is indeed a security feature which seeks a mandatory implication.

Inventory tracking:

Apart from the humans the assets and the inventory of the schools which may include the furniture, sports, lab materials and much more. The accounting and the tracking are simplified and hence this becomes a welcoming solution.

Auto sensor parking lot:

The school campus being digitalized would welcome the vehicle at the entry gates denoting the parking space of the parking lot. Right over the entry the car is been guided to the parking space without any mishaps.

Transport with auto verification:

The school transportation functions with the automation as the time lapses for the entry of the students into the school bus, the sensor automatically identifies the absentees and send an alert to them. The complete travel and exit of the students are tracked and reported to both the school administration and the parents.

Ultimately, it is getting widespread and successful also with the assurance over the security, data integrity and the education policy. We are glad to have many educational institutions transform to the technology and reduce the barrier of the time, safety, and security.

All about understanding the school culture!

Glad, you are here to view the school culture enhancements, well…there are many perspective in school culture and each of them imposes its own application based on the school. The concept has its own meaning which denotes the overall success of the institution.

It is also proven that the schools which possess good culture shows up a great progress in learning, reasoning, ethics, discipline, understanding and would also acquire good mental ability and better relationship with the school and the teachers. There would be seen happiness and achievements all over.

Keeping in mind the importance of the school culture, the enhancements should be thought of even if the level is high and appreciated. Shaping the school by experience and bringing in effective solutions and in keen observation the school will be able to identify more angles for improvements and enhancements.

Another key point is that the school culture is something which is just not within the campus but it is shared outside as well. Understanding the school culture which needs to be stable, should also emphasis on the development of the school and the students. When you describe the school, you should describe it as a family, the focus should be on nurturing learning and bonding with the institution. There may be many signs of the positive school culture which includes the following.

  • The teachers and the staff members are inclined to the goals of the school,
  • The curriculum of the school is well defined
  • Honest communication is experienced
  • Civilized student citizenship
  • Positive attitudes
  • High moral and gender based value
  • Competent perception
  • Regular and periodical achievement
  • Happiness and cheer in all the stakeholders
  • Society consciousness
  • Overall behavioural etiquettes
  • Communication etiquettes

The ultimate is the good progressive culture when developed will bring in high intellectual development and positive thinking attitude.

Before everything falls in line, let us to start with discuss over creating the culture in schools.

It’s quite natural that most of the school function would be based on the academic developments, focus and achievements, the truth is the school cannot achieve it without their concentration on the school culture. When understood an effective and well-maintained school structure can be experienced. Here we suggest that there are few important elements which must be considered to get this achieved. What we call as elements are the academic curriculum and the school culture, both should be carefully designed and executed as it is looked upon as integration.

Also, remember that culture is a longer process development which must be built with various actions, traditions, environments and much more. Primarily, culture develops from the vision and the values of the institution. Just glance at the response and situational changes expected when the cultural changes are strong and positive.

The necessary steps to be taken over these to bring the efforts fruitful and supportive, builds the commitment with the teachers to schools, keeps them motivated and energetic, focus on each behavioral task, motivate to accept the defined culture. The culture should be focused and must have a stand on the quality.

When categorized teachers’ motivation has the prime value and there is no substitute to stand it. Plan some culture to the teachers and staff to keep them work to the goals of the institution. Show up the results of the school and the achievements of the teachers to create a positive academic culture. Keep them dedicated and committed, choose to live honestly and honourably. Greeting is important so greet your teachers and the students. On the fine day arrange for an evening get-together snacking outdoor, may be weekly pay outs for dinner together, monthly, or bi-monthly a day trip to the nearby places.

Heretofore, things were different and there were days when culture was highly built in everyone. The effect over this culture and its dilution drives more parents to get inclined towards home schooling which takes a new dimension among both the adults and the children. Let us not give way to this deviation and take the necessary steps to the overall excellence which is been achieved only when the culture is at its best.



Popularity over Home Schooling and Home School Curriculum Models!

Home Schooling or Home education which is straightforwardly educating the child at home. Unschooling the child for home schooling may sound to be a bold decision but in recent days many families adopt the system of home schooling. Before we get into the details of this system of home education, would like to state the unschoolers are increasing not because of the quality or the structure of education but there are more to discuss in the overall grooming of the child talents academically, ethically, philosophically, and traditionally.

Home education is perfectly experienced by each student and the parents as until the age of pre-schooling the child receives teaching at home from parents or family. It is perfectly legal to opt for home education. It is not legally imperative of child going to school but the child need to be educated. Most parents find it better to un-school at lower standards and registered again in the high schools.

This comes as a threat to the schools, scenarios are if the education system is not good, no structured teaching, does not meet the expectations of the parents the chances of unschooling the child and opting for a different school is become an ancient attitude.

In recent days, the trend with the new generation parents change by opting for home education as they decide that they can be the best teacher for their child and confident enough to make them achieve.

So, we are closely getting into the Home Schooling concepts. You as a reader may be a parent looking to home school your child.

Get ready to create a life filled with miracles, learn how some parents who home school for their children can manifest miracles in their lives. Expand the consciousness and get magnetic for this miraculous and popular transformation.

Still for some of you, the indistinct doubts are why do people choose home schooling?

One known fact is that the child is sent to school but in due course has been unschooled for the reasons of some hatred, might be of bullying or general other reasons.

The abundance of the home schoolers who prove in overall achievement yet stay in care with the parents are now enjoying a transformational energy shift that has made their life fulfilling, productive and much of practical learning.

The productive reasons are the flexibility experienced to handle the family timings and holiday schedules, child driven learning, making their own schedule for the learning and portions completion.

Enjoy the benefits of one-to-one learning, highly interactive with the parents, enjoy the encouragements and get boosted with confidence.

Well, now would be the need to understand the social stand of the child who seems to get interacted with the society that the home schooling community is formed and they get to interact online with the globe friends. Also, understand that the social support is always available and can join the local groups where the families of the home schooling educators meet. You tend to realize that they are well skilled and undergo a better vertical learning.


Find the Right Home School Curriculum:

To understand and evaluate the best home school curriculum, we need to determine a few situation, interest and feasibility based on the child and the family.

Understanding the Goals

It is important to decide if you are willing or aiming to provide the education which is superior than that of schools, is it because you wish to spend more quality time with the kids, are you willing to create an opportunity for the kids to learn the values of the family. Maybe you want to secure the child from the grade humiliations, bullying or other touch experiences of the schools. More you may just take it up as a challenge to surprise the family.

This analysis will help you determine the vision of the family for the child and it will help overcome the difficulty to nurture the creativity in your children.

Understanding the Curriculum

What will be the subjects chosen to teach?

Do you wish to combine different curriculum or stick to one that is picked?

Will you prefer a challenging or easy curriculum?

How about the plan your own lessons or pre-planned ones?

Would it be preferred to self-monitor and study style or the one which requires close guidance?

What will be the time span to formal learning allotted each day?

To what level will the practical and hands-on activities be practiced?

Would you be tutoring single child or multi?

Obviously, based on these details the parents will be able to understand the feasibility to choose the right and suitable curriculum for home schooling.


Recognize the learning ability of the children

The learning model of the child needs to be understood in order to experience a successful home schooling. The best analysis needs to be applied to identify the child strengths and learning ability.

It is obvious to categorise each learning kid for their interest and the grasping ability. Some children are good at grasping by listening or discussing which is the auditory strength in them.

While some are visual learners who are keen in mind mapping and paying attention to the visual details. Generally looking at the demo sessions would help.

Some children learn better in the practical manner they need to work it on themselves, which is known as the kinaesthetic.

Therefore, understanding the child capability and interest over the learning style the curriculum needs to be chosen which helps them build a better learning environment.


Methods and models of Home Schooling

Home school is not just creating a school environment at home, there are many approaches to be discussed and the consistency is what most desired. Look in to the various models of Home Schooling methodology in order to settle with the best suited.


Charlotte Mason Method

This is a popular method which is successful, the key concepts are exhibition of knowledge acquired by the child, narrative style of learning, expertise to bring the learning to life, motivational, inspirational and with the dictation exercise had better reinforce provided, appreciation for the art as well as for music and nature study.

Classical Method

This is an emphasised method which goes with the sequence process and requires high concentration over the speaking and thinking ability along with the language skills. This is more suitable for the highly capable students with great exposure to the worldly classroom and literature.

Montessori Home Schooling

Learning in environment at their own pace, helps recognize the unique talents, learn to investigate, build much self-confidence. It is suitable for the pre-schoolers. The parent need to be trained to adopt to this style and when practiced it brings great success.

Online Method

This is quite understood that much of online materials would be shared, you would be able to connect with other students, an opportunity to challenge the peer group, various assessment, quizzes, practice tests will be corrected and scored. It is best method to track and gain help as required from the tutors.

Relaxed method

This is best for providing a relaxed atmosphere to perform learning. Surrounded by the family members and not the school heads make it peaceful. Enjoy learning in your desired space be it indoors or outdoors.

Eclectic Method

This is a boundary less schooling and allows you to choose any or multi-methodology. Here they can adopt to different models for any subjects which they think will work best for the child success.

Unit Study Method

This methodology is suitable for the systematic study approach, they learn on unit basis and progress as the units get completed. This gives an in-depth study, accelerates the thinking ability, creativity and provides a vital collaboration with different subjects.

These are few brief of the methods in home schooling, however one must derive based on the age group and standards as well. It is also necessary to be cautious over the fraudulent suppliers. Any day it needs to be reviewed well before adopted.

The success of Home Schooling:

The world itself is the classroom with no boundaries, plenty of enthusiasm experience, happiness cherished with better bonding with the family. Get the freedom from the schools that invades troubles. The children are seen independent and they belong lifelong learners, more ideas and innovations seen around, get the practical exposure as much desired. This is a welcoming concept and the stats show more students are into home schooling compared to the previous years.

Thank you for your valuable time, just drop your comments to make us happy. Happy home schooling!