Why adopt to Visual Notes and Mind Mapping?

The categorization is seen up front in all aspects and it is one that drives the human mind as well. As should be the case this article would throw some light on the tuning the minds to achievements.

Most of the learned are seen to follow the general rule and the standardization of ‘More Memory; More Marks’.

How far can it go?

Will it provide significant learning?

Can you analyze what you learned last week and its impact?

The reflection of the learning process is much important and without the element of reflection, the learning would just be an expensive time killing.

The reflection of the learning process is much important and without the element of reflection, the learning would just be an expensive time killing.

Teachers and mentors should encourage the reflective practice to their students in learning and if this reflective practice is missing the purpose of education is not met and what is most missing would be the time invested.

Right in the classroom, the reflection should be imposed on students, in a manner of providing tips to absorb the information and the content with passion, dedication and ultimate retention. Although the teacher takes many measures to structure the lessons and provide the right teaching with examples and sometimes encourage hands-on learning and much more with the activity-based learning. All of these are best methods and yet there is something which is much more effective and essential.

Visual Notes Taking -Absorption of Content

This is the profound way and known as mind mapping which is seen in practice with the intellectuals and this practice helps in reflective learning and knowledge with retention. This is related to art and drawing might be in the mindset of general people but this technique belongs to education. This comes in practice and it is most importantly an encouraging behavior to doodle in the classroom in the sketchbook.

To bridge the clarification let me give an experience of a high school student who owned a sketch handbook and his style of notes taking would be drawings and I did wonder how it helps but it did wonders. This is the good method to re-cap and it helps to memorize the concepts in a better way.

The complete content-based information is visualized in drawings and it helps to remember not just simple learning but also the high level of understanding. Especially noted is during the time of examination and with the adequate adrenaline rush coupled with the visual notes the quick revision of the content can be obtained in a much shorter span.

Irrespective of the student grades, a shift to the visual learning would help achievement in the long run. Let this serve as an awareness and more of practical observation will be the right strategy to conclude the actual benefits.

Recommendations to Teachers: An approach on the first day of academic year

Recommendation to teachers2
Academic year may run either for 9 months or 10 months of the year and imagine how important and obvious the first day should be. It is the primary and foremost responsibility of the school and the teachers to transmit an intense growth mindset in students. This may be done with a discussion, a story session or with live examples of the successful students who had made the achievement. You could also call it Brainology which would foster the growth mindset where in the teachers teach the students to observe the lectures, take notes, study, think innovatively, practice and be attentive always.

Beyond the traditional schooling and the conventional advice over the discipline, manners, scores, organizing, managing, friendship, sports, entertainment are few things which are usually as a teacher tend to impart to their students. In the current scenario, it needs to be much more concentrated over the soft skills and the techniques to handle the situations, the right and supportive manner for the overall academic excellence. This is all about the teachers addressing to the students on the day-1 of the academic year to help them successfully perform each day and mark their overall excellence.

Here we go,

The sociable approach… and this need not be emphasized as you being in years of experience would certainly give your best to introduce the system, the personal introduction, discipline and rather a great ice-breaking session. Apart from these, the first day to the aspiring students should be strong enough that keeps them tight with their targets and aspirations. Here go the recommendations that make the teacher provide better and build the best possible aims and aspirations in each of the students.

Provide tips to be motivated

Going To Lessons

As a teacher, you should be providing the right solutions to students to stay motivated always. Even the most successful and ambitious student find it difficult to stay motivated at all times. This challenge persists in all our lives and the understanding the techniques to deal with the needs to come with plenty of guidance and practice.

Show them the methods to deal with the motivation level and it has to be at high level, work up repetitively to build and boost the motivation. The tips you could share on motivation can be the following.

  • Surround with the most capable and high performing students which substantially improve your score.
  • Music is a great addition to instantly boost up and keeps your mind alert and attentive.
  • Enhance the spirit of optimism, show them ways to keep the minds stimulated and triggered each moment.
Get to know their dreams

Students dreams would certainly be ambitious enough which would strongly relate to their academics. Talk it out to understand their mission which and make them feel energized which would add to their motivation. Keep them infused over the reminders of the mission which will get them back to watch out for their performance and keep them moving on the right path.

Discuss to set them a routine

High School Lesson

Among the many students, the mindset and the mental frame for even the bright student may lead them to distractions and deviations. They would certainly find it difficult to get back to the right mode of concentration. It would certainly be of much benefit to the student to set them back to the productive form. Suggest them to set the routines as good and smart it can be, like starting from the routine of sliding into the running shoes till the day draws to end. Once the schedules are fixed and catching up back to back will gain them much advantage over excellence in academics all through the year.

Educate to Plan the rewards

As students, it would be a constant requirement to keep looking for new additions to the personal gadgets, stationery, general books, novels and outdoor entertainment. Teach them to plan the reward for their prominence in the hard work, once they learn to relish the fruits of the real hard work, it becomes easy and throughout the year the workouts turn successful.

Teach to focus on high achievements

Students should be motivated to aim higher and it is true persuasion towards high goals bring it to reality. Teach them that no mountains are high being beyond reach and no distance are far that cannot be traveled. Let them aspire with a vision that is really high.

It is rather important to make the students the high aspirants of the year and imagine the complete class strength of yours performs extraordinarily well, would it not be a great go for the teacher as a performer.

Keep on track with all the motivational points right from the day one and every student would rather be grateful to have you as their teacher. No lessons can be fast practiced, no place can be reached swift all it takes is sincere efforts to make it happen.

Global Implementation of Personalized Learning Methodology

The most demanding and revolutionary education sector works to the fullest to deliver the best to the recent and the new generations. The prevalence of the concept of personalized learning seeks much of awareness, knowledge, and the elements methodology to effective implementation. The reality is that each parent wishes their child to perceive personalized education and would want to give the best to the great success idea of the child.

Researchers have found that the shift in the paradigm of teaching in accordance to the personalized learning and the transition to the implementation in different levels of the educational system although is most welcomed it is not always desirable as it is the hard thing to be implemented but, Why not? comes the question when it proves best for the students.

The tutors, mentors and teachers find a lot more difficult to acclimate and has a world of different perspective. Let us discuss the reasons which proves best for students in terms of personalized learning.

  • The learning seems to be authenticated and the real connect to the concepts gets into the understanding seamlessly with each individual intellect.
  • Builds and bonds a best culture and respect over the teachers as the sessions are more transparent and aligned to the interest of the student.
  • This methodology obviously shows up with much professionalism as the teachers do experience nothing other than the success of the child.
  • Think it in the resources aspect and this one is the one makes a great sense to utilize the resources to the maximum.
  • Wonder not that the technology resources are also best used in this type of system and it is great for the teachers to connect with the global teachers who work in the same pace.
  • Enriched work flow, satisfaction, contentment, accuracy, conceptual, comfortability is most experienced by both the teachers and the students. This firm belief would wide spread to get the best and offer the best to the children.

Even more with respect to the feedback and performance it becomes real time and more accurate. In most cases, learning comes in innovative way and hence is the success experienced.

Personalized Learning: The Welcoming Transformation

It has constantly been in traditional pattern, cumulative analysis that applies to the group was the remarks levied to signify the individual child. The simple shift in practice the so-called Personalized learning restores the enthusiasm and is best for children.    - PenPencilEraser

Now, that we comprehend that the personalized learning has a wholesome benefit to the students as to make the learning purposeful, it also drives the motivation to learn more and achieve more, better goal setting and planning can be exercised in the best ways. Furthermore, that it proves learning not only develops the skills but also provides independent handling and self-management to the success of the student.


“All the analysis over personalized learning environment 

we did realize that though in the traditional environment

we found the achievements, it was not concentrated

over individual performance, so we support to 

the individualized and best targeted system,

The Personalized learning”.


Preparing Educators in Personalized Learning:

Understanding the benefits of the system now is the challenge to the educators to implement and best practice the system. The prevalence of this system is spread across the globe and here are the ways educators prepare to bring the system into the schools and the classrooms.

Simplified with the core elements that supports the educators to successful implementation.

Integrated materials, targeted instructions, Analyses with the Data, students’ performance are the required key elements the teacher need to master over it for effective transform to the personalized learning. When it is denoted that the personalized learning is a tailor-made system for each student that fits right based on their strengths and interest. The path that creates the key attributes must be clearly defined and delivered to the personal learning paths, competency based, flexibility and progress.

It is important to know what the successful implementation will actually sound like. When the core elements of the personalized learning are implemented in classrooms it leverages the schools and the students to massive success. Teachers understand how to use the tools for instructions. The instructions are more defined and specific to the requirements of the students, the students are seen to promote in the learning and knowledge automatically, the data collection helps to redesign, re-group based on the instructional value and performance enriched solutions.

Flow of implementation:

The teacher uses the integrated content by accessing the digital tools and establishes a constant routine for the students to use the tools. The review and the personalized trouble shooting helps in advancing the student to next level of learning. Here comes the challenge to establish the comprehensive reviews, inputs of both teachers and students required to the choice of tools, integrates with the teacher instruction, periodically evaluate.

Targeted Teaching:

Required to group the students based on the skill level and the interest levels. The data of the performance gives the picture of the student engagement over the subject. The teacher consciously groups the students in one-on-one basis or on small groups within the classroom. Deciding what content to be delivered will make things go in-line with the personalized learning.

Student Reflection:

Students require the encouragement to set their goals based on the data and utilized the mentorship provided. They need to set the growing mindset and authenticate the goals and lead to achievements.

To Conclude:

Precisely, these overviews of the personalized learning should act as a trigger to take it forward and acquire the practice to gain prominence in schools. The successful implementation of personalized learning is a vast success to the transformation. The core elements practiced will lead to this transformation. You can be sure that our experience suggests that when you are in personalized learning task you are truly to be successful in both teaching and learning.