Technology Gadgets are Tools in Education

We live in a techno world, having accepted and changed a lot from the primitive age according to the developments around, for our better existence. But, a very slow or no change in our education systems has occurred since then.

Even today, students carry a load on their back or drag on wheels. Even today, teachers complain about incomplete notes and home work. Even today, parents complain about correction and circulars. Use technology in education system to sync all three together.

“The Happy We”

For a successful student it is very important to link two vital caretakers in no way leading to any communication gap. To stay safe and happy to face the future in the most best way possible. The one and only tool to help him do this is by the latest technology which is easily available to him in his day to day life.

Yes, the mobile phone, his laptop, tablet or a personal computer should be synced to synchronies this precious relationship between his teacher, parent and himself. This is for all the schools reading this article and for those who care about their Childs valuable period of life.

Every student once enrolled should be given a user id and a password for it to be used in his schools internal website. This internal website will be modified according to that specific students academics only. All loaded with the required applications for that specific academic year and would be upgraded once he is promoted to the next class. He would find all the things handy in just a touch of a button, listing from his text book, class work, home work, dictionary, encyclopedia, educational games, and internet with a parent-teacher control.

This web would be designed in a very attractive and also in a user-friendly pattern that every student would love to complete his work on time. Students will have online submissions, online exams with time limit and deadlines, which will be closed as per the duration. So the corrections also will be done automatically on time without any mistakes and will generate a progress report accordingly.

Every activity done on this web would be updated to his parents through mobile as a message according to their time settings, hourly or daily once as per their requirements. This website will be accessible even from home so that it facilitates the parent’s direct intervention to look into a detailed progress of their child and to keep them updated with no information left behind or forgotten by their tot.

Therefore, from now on student will not require to carry tons of books on their back, teachers will not complain about incomplete notes or home work and parents will not complain about corrections and circulars. Everyone will be informed about everything at every time “The Happy We”.

Maheshwari P.R

Inspires students with her passion for education,focus on shared decision-making and teamwork, as well as on community building.
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2 thoughts on “Technology Gadgets are Tools in Education

  • August 20, 2022 at 6:07 am

    Underlined very significant factors which are indispensable for all associated to modern education be it students or Parents/teachers/Principals etc.

  • August 29, 2022 at 11:45 am

    Quite agreeable and the learners of today can go with different gadgets to enrich their knowledge and innovate things.


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