Strategies for a Teacher

Teaching is the profession that teaches all the other professions”.

How true and subtle the statement is! This was only realized when I became a teacher some ten years ago. But the journey is wonderful and full of surprises. Certainly yes, because every moment of teaching has stored what next? Kind of feeling. This makes the teaching job an interesting and ever aspiring one.

Being an English teacher, I am always privileged to make my class very interesting. Be it a story writing class or a grammar class, be it an activity class or listening class – I just enjoy it. With years my profession has allowed me to evolve. The theory of evolution rightly works. There are certain secrets which this profession has unfolded and I believe that if they are shared they will definitely create wonders for all the teachers. Teaching is a profession where you deal with living beings and not the machines so it becomes challenging at times. The most difficult part of this job is Classroom Management and the task is easy if small but effective strategies are followed. These are a few strategies that I try to follow:

  • Begin your class with a smile
  • Stop excusing and commit to right.
  • Keep your temperament cool in any extreme condition. Take deep breathe to stay calm.
  • Keep surprise element in your teaching.
  • Plan your lesson plan thoroughly.
  • Let the surrounding be clean and student friendly.
  • Let them decide the rules of the classroom.
  • Monitor them. Don’t mind them.
  • Make all the concepts simple and easy to comprehend.
  • Don’t label the child. You may be proved wrong.
  • Misbehavior must be dealt on the basis of one to one connection.
  • Let a student of your class be a model for all of them and not an unknown and imaginary character who hardly exist.
  • Be consistent.
  • Tell them you do care for them.

Let’s not forget “ Who dares to teach must never cease to learn.