Issue 026, May-June 2016
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Here’s how the Fees Module of PenPencilEraser works!

The fee management at schools are the most essential which is something been transacted in great volumes and deals financially. The schools tend to define the fee structure bringing all the categories into it. Just does not stand to be another module of the school management software – PenPencilEraser but it gives many customized option ...
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10 Recommendations for schools to prepare for future trends!
Understanding the challenges and the opportunities that are emerging constantly we see the technologies and the education trend dramatically changing to provide a concrete development in the strategies of schools ...

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5 Tips for handling project-based learning stimulating 20 soft-skills in students!
One of the recent study states that the social-emotional skills needs to be a component that sees improvements as the years pass by. You would also tend to look into the child capabilities ...

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Practical Involvement in order to adapt with School Management Software!
Although we learn from the experienced about the adoption of school management software, would you not think of acquiring the quantum of feedback and that is something which can be obtained research based which predicts the majority in practice ...

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A new-generation school powered by School Management Software, An experienced shared!
The silver jubilee experience of Subbiah schools with professional involvement, functions since 1991 with the motive of providing supreme education in a serene environment, the school ...

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