Meeting all your administrative and academic requirements within the cost-effective parameters, is our core idea. PenPencilEraser has a pricing plan that fits well for all schools, regardless of size.
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Subscribing to our Hosted Solution, your school can enjoy hassle-free server maintenance, all latest updates and technologies free of any additional cost.
Premium Pack
Cost to be calculated and paid for Annual Contract for required number of students. After signup you can add more students with our Add-on Pack of 10 units.
System Requirements
Any browser with HTML5 support
Google Chrome 10+, IE 9+, Firefox 7+ or Safari 5+
Internet Connection of 512Kbps
1 Year Remote Online & Phone support
Free Upgrades throughout the contract period
Recommended Requirements
Google Chrome 10+
Internet Broadband Connection of 1Mbps
For PPE Pack Internet Broadband Connection of 2Mbps
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Differently priced packages give you an edge over your choice of parcel. The features of the various packages are measured up, providing a crisp clear contrast.
Features Parents Pack Basic Pack
Features for Management
School Levels Setup    
CMS pages for School Levels    
Academic Management    
Courses Management    
Blocks & Rooms Management    
Subjects with Electives    
Teachers Management    
Student Management with Siblings    
Staff Management    
Classes & Sections Setup    
Timetable Management    
Schedule Examinations & Tests    
Syllabus Inputs with Exams or Downloads    
Mark list Entry    
Custom News Feeds    
Theme Customization    
Photo gallery    
Video Widget    
Transport Info (with CMS page)    
Check Home works    
Notice Board Display    
Student Performance Reports    
Staff Performance Reports    
Message Communications with Staff, Teachers, Parents &Students; with SMS notifications    
Control Message Permissions for Staff and Teachers    
Monitor Messages in all direction    
Manage School Calendar    
Easy Roll Over for next Academic Year    
Teacher Leave Requests & Approvals    
Swap Teachers easily    
Print Addresses    
Features for Teachers
Attendance Entry - Session wise    
Assign Home works    
Mark list Entry    
Retrieve Student Performance Report (Class Tutors)    
Time Tables    
Message to Staff, Teachers, Parents &Students; with SMS notifications    
Access School Calendar    
Request Leaves    
Features for Parents
Check & Acknowledge Home works    
Check Kid's performance    
Check Announcements    
Check School Activities    
Check Exam Time Tables & Marksheets    
Access Time Tables    
Access School Calendar    
Message to Management, Subject Teachers    
Features for Students
Check & Acknowledge Home works    
Check Announcements    
Check Exam Time Tables & Marksheets    
Access Time Tables    
Access School Calendar    
Message to Subject Teachers