Tailored to meet the need for effective school administration, PenPencilEraser features are fine-tuned to go with your school management effectively. Modules with great comfort level, leads you with effective school administration and academic management.
For Management
For Teachers
For Parents
For Students
Benefits for ManagementTeachersParentsStudents
Effective Communication
Management, teachers, parents and students will remain integrated through effective messaging and SMS facility.

An instant communication and access to academic information allows the parents to assess their child's educational advancement.
Safe & Secure
All the transactions are strongly encrypted, ensuring confidentiality and security.

Also the access to information is properly authenticated, preventing illegal penetration into the system.
Multi-School Level Management

Create a conflict-free administration, managing all your school levels, blocks, classes and subjects.


Minimizes the labor-intensive task of managing multi-school levels by fully integrating all the facets, with enhanced services.

Theme Customization

Offers easy theme customization options, so can be easily tailored to your personalized perception.


Enrich the look of your school system by adjusting website color scheme and menus, without having to use some advanced scripting magic.

Payroll Automate
Great system to calculate, track staff salary and print the payslip. Salary calculation is simplified, it features to gross up the salary with the various deductions from the pay, the leave details and also adds up various benefits and calculates the overtime work details too.
Staff Daily Attendance
Flexible and useful to track instantly the staff attendance helps to substitute teacher for the absent teacher, track the timetable instantly and easily controls the function.
Fee Payment Entry
Simplifies and records the fee payment of each student. It tracks the applicable fees, pending fees, records the payment, issue the receipt code, easy follow up for payment reminder, communicating with parents about the payment schedule through the PPE or SMS.
Application / Admission
Welcomes more applicants and reduces maintenance cost. For the future follow up and intimation this mode serves a better helping hand. It is simple to compare, rank and select the applicants, easy categorization of status as admission, waitlisted or rejected.
TC Printing
Easy to process the Transfer certificate request, simply discontinue the student and get the TC with the logo printed format. It is also possible to reprint TC when required. Hassle free and instant handling with much time saving.
Master Money Management
This Online Accounting Application gets you best to work with centralization, it also simplifies the vendor details, as all individuals associated with the schools become the vendors automatically and the details are already built in. The integration of various analysis tool with the help of reports simplifies the task. More so the accuracy can also be maintained.
Features for Management
School Level Setup
Different levels of school education, incorporated within your institution can be easily configured using PenPencilEraser.
Academic Management
PenPencilEraser offers the tools required to track the students' data, thus tying into strong functionality around feasible academic management.
Blocks & Rooms Management
To cut down on the inevitable complications and time incurred in block and classroom management, the system includes a specific module.
Teachers Management
PenPencilEraser proffers you with efficient teacher management, with easy-to-use, replace staff and manage teacher schedule modules.
Staff Management
All the staff information can be coordinated, stored and retrieved without much difficulty.
Timetable Management
The timetable can be synchronized and controlled with simple drag and drop provisions.
Syllabus Inputs with Exams or Downloads
The syllabus for exams can be coordinated with each subject, so that the parents will remain well-informed about the syllabi.
All the achievements pulled off can be published either confining the view to a particular class, or school level, or to the entire school.
Custom News Feeds
The system also allows you to link to RSS feeds, streaming all the desired news at the front of your school portal.
Photo gallery
There is a provision to exhibit the enthralling moments of your school, the photo gallery where you can host the school photographs.
Video Widget
Interesting videos perking the knowledge of the students can be tagged in your school system, empowering the students' exposure.
Transport Info (with CMS page)
The CMS (Content Management System) aids the management in augmenting a separate website menu for the transportation details.
Check Home works
The management can easily keep track of the home works being allotted, the list of the students who haven't concluded their off-school work and so on. Also the management can contact the student/parent, right from this module.
Notice Board Display
A notice board widget is supplemented in the system, and the imperative intimations can be published thereof in this for the parents/students outlook.
Student Performance Reports
The students' performance reports benefits the management with a handy review of the students' academics.
Staff Performance Reports
The management can scrutinize the staff performance at a single click, before they endeavor to decide upon a leave request.
Message Communications with SMS notifications
The messaging system allows bringing together everyone, the staff, teachers, parents and students.
Staff Daily Attendance
Staff daily attendance - Automatic tracking of the staff attendance, easy substitution of the absent staff, flexible and useful for pay roll management.
Application / Admission
Simplifies the task of receiving applications, communicates easily about the status of the application, selection made simple and dynamic, round the clock access to apply.
CMS pages for School Levels
A CMS (Content Management System) provides you a full flexible control over the published content.
Courses Management
Option to administer diverse courses is also incorporated, making it simple for the administrator to handle.
Subjects with Electives
An option is also included, to have power over the electives that are offered in the higher secondary education.
Student Management with Siblings
The students' siblings, if studying in the same school, can be associated very easily and the parent can simultaneously access the kids' information with ease.
Classes & Sections Setup
The classes and sections can be effortlessly set up and also be configured to meet up with your school specifications.
Schedule Examinations & Tests
Examinations and class test can be organized, and published for the access of students and parents.
Mark list Entry
The mark list module enables easy entry of mark details in a conservative format and also facilitates risk-free retrieval.
Any notifications can be announced restricting the display to a specific group, if required.
Theme Customization
Offers easy customization options, so can be easily tailored to your personalized perception.

Enrich the look of your school system by adjusting website color scheme and menus, without having to use some advanced scripting magic.
Control Message Permissions for Staff and Teachers
The message permission allotted for the staff members and teachers can be controlled over with restrictions.
Monitor Messages in all direction
Monitoring the message transactions is essential for a healthy institution, the system also queues up the messages being communicated among the various users.
Manage School Calendar
All the upcoming events and proceeding can be organized very well for the parents/students to take note of.
Easy Roll Over for next Academic Year
All the academic details pertaining to the current year can be carried out to the forthcoming year, at a single click, without much trouble.
Teacher Leave Requests & Approvals
The management can approve a leave, after going through the teacher's performance report, if necessary.
Swap Teachers Easily
If a teacher is relieving from the duty, the alternate teacher can be swapped in, handily.
Print Addresses
Inbuilt is a set-up to print the address labels, reducing the big deal of aligning and printing an entire set of labels.
Payroll Automate
The management can rather take pride to pay their staff correctly on time each time. Automatically calculates the salary, benefits, deduction and records the proceedings.
Fee Payment Entry
You can get an eagle view of the fee details and the payment status of each of the students your institution. Records payment allows easy view of transactions.
Master Money Management
Track the balance for each accounts head and close when required. Make the best to streamline the Money Management of your school with all in one application.
Effective Communication
Teachers are bound to share the performance and progress of the students especially with the parents. PPE makes it possible to allow the teachers get closer to the parents with the instant SMS and messaging facility. This feature is user friendly and hence allows any body to use it without complexity.
Online Leave Requests
This is rather a more rapid and easier way to process the leave requests of the teachers. Teachers can forward the leave request through PPE platform for approval and can also verify the approval status in a simplified manner.
Automated Reporting
The automatic reporting strategy aids to reduce the work load of the teachers along with improving the accuracy and efficiency.

PPE integrates a simplified and user friendly reporting module which allows the teachers to track the information in just a few clicks.
Steep Learning Curves
Teachers being the knowledge trainers, indispensible to spend more time with the students to optimize the performance and the special modules in PPE help to trim down the paper work of the teachers and giving more valuable time with the students to enhance the performance.
Quick and Easy CCE Report Generation
Enjoy the utmost convenience of generating a CCE report for your students. It has automatic calculation based on the weighage given for each assessment. The grades are calculated automatically.

Simple enough to give descriptive assessment for the class on whole. Hard copy maintenance becomes optional. All the more teachers can use it without any special training.
Features for Teachers
Attendance Entry - Session wise
Easy drag and drop attendance entry, facilitates the teacher to mark out the students' attendance in no time.
Assign Home works
The teachers can allot after-school activities for the impending days, even after going home.
Mark list Entry
Recording the marks for each subjects and summarizing, usually incurs a lot of time and effort, but PenPencilEraser has made it as simple as possible.
Retrieve Student Performance Report (Class Tutors)
The class tutor can retrieve the class students' performance report, without a great deal of effort.
Payroll Automate
The receipt can be obtained through a pay slip with the complete details. It gives hands on calculation of salary, benefits, deductions and records proceedings.
Quick and Easy CCE Report Generation
Automatic generation of Marks calculated in Grades, Records the assessment in descriptive manner, Generate consolidated and separate reports, Reduces the time of preparation, Automatically calculates the overall percentile and grade for each assessment.
Time Tables
Timetable management has been made simple, and the teacher can utilize its efficacy at the most.
Message with SMS Notifications
The teacher can communicate with the management, parents/students from any point of the system, through effective messaging and SMS facility.
Access School Calendar
Teachers can access the school calendar and assess the schedule, based on the upcoming events and proceedings.
Request Leaves
The teachers can request leave from anywhere, and can also access their leave approval status.
Staff Daily Attendance
Automatic reporting of attendance, on-line request for leave, checking the leave request status instantly. Saves time and gives increased control over the leave days.
Track the Performance
The performance of the child is the prime consideration of the parents and it becomes a boon when they are instantly in contact with the institution.

PPE lets the parents to monitor the performance of their child at any needed hour and can also take part enthusiastically in the child's education.
Updated Classroom Information
PPE consummates this look no further feature as the ultimate in the educational institutions is to bring the class room and study updates to the parents and the students for any time access.

Parents are intimated about the class room activity which bridges the gap as well as show new signs of progress and achievements.
Analyze Mark Sheet
Marks and grades are the benchmark of performance and parents are keen to keep it updated to check on the child's progress.

PPE allows parents to access the marks and grades online and hence parents instantly can follow up on the performance of their child.
Homework Status
Homework stands to play a vital role in the academic development. With the special module in PPE it is possible for the parents to track the home assignment and make it more organized for the child.

This gives a better support to the parents and the teachers to track and teach for the students and guide them effectively.
Quick and Easy CCE Report Access
Get instant CCE report and are able to view assessment performance consolidated or individual. Great to compare the performance of the student from the previous assessments. Get the complete details of the performance in the Grades and the Descriptive indications.
Features for Parents
Check & Acknowledge Home Works
The parents can review the after-school assignments of their child, and assist them accordingly.
Check Kid's Performance
The kid's performance is made available to the parents, so that they can evaluate their kid's progress.
Check Announcements
The posted announcements better informs the parents with the notifications and declarations.
Check School Achievements
The achievements attained keep the parents intact and well-informed about the school happenings.
Fee Payment Entry
It is easy to track the payment schedule for the child and also help plan easily. It records the payment details online and allows tracking at any needed time. Get a valuable report of fee payment status, instantly.
Check Exam Time Tables & Marksheets
The parents can as well access the examination schedules and marksheets of their child.
Access Time Tables
Review of the class timetable, gives the parents handy information about the class day-to-day activities.
Access School Calendar
The parents can have a quick look at the event calendar and check through the approaching events.
Message to Management, Subject Teachers
Parents can communicate with the management and teachers, without any pre-scheduled appointments.
Enhanced Interaction
A lavish communication does make a difference in the performance of the student. The prime focus of PPE is to enhance a secure communication between the student and the respective teacher and the management. This allows the student to interact instantly for the academic assistance any time.
Track Homework
Online homework assessment helps to contribute to effective learning which in turn boosts up the performance of the students. With the assistance of PPE, students can easily record the completion status of the homework each day.
Event Calendar
The event calendar acts as a centralized source, providing a preview of the scheduled events.

A one-stop source for vital, up-to-the-minute information, the event calendar is a vast improvement over old-fashioned paper datebooks.
Birthday Reminder
Greeting, wishing and sharing are basic etiquettes which needs to be trained in the budding minds. So as to make this possible in an interesting manner PPE integrates to send the reminder of birthdays of each person included in the database.

This feature helps the students to share and bond happiness and the special reminder column statistically orders the birthdays to bring awareness of the coming soon birthdays as well.
Features for Students
Check & Acknowledge Home works
The students can acknowledge and check through the home work assignments, and can also update the homework completion status online.
Check Announcements
Can access the announcements published from anywhere, and update their information-base.
Check Exam Time Tables & Mark sheets
Whenever essential, they can check through and explore the examination schedule, and audit their mark sheets.
Application / Admission
Highly convenient with 24/7 access, obtain updated information, it eliminates the need of reaching the school or waiting in the queue which is a time consuming process. They feel more confident and aspire for admission when applied online.
Access Time Tables
Examining the timetable from anywhere, anytime, will surely help the students to adjust with the following days' schedule.
Access School Calendar
The event calendar proves to be an inevitable asset, allowing them to hunt for the upcoming events.
Message to Subject Teachers
The messaging system proves a boon to the students, aiding them to communicate the teachers for clarifications.