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Best Educational Android Apps for Kids

From Wombi Math to Carnival of Animals, Madagascar: My ABCs to 10Monkeys Multiplication, Gummies Playground to the letter Monster, round the corner android apps never disappointed the young kid and their parents. In deed android is dominating the smartphone market and lots of parents started downloading kids friendly apps to use on their smart phones to educate and entertain the children. This article portraits informative and imaginative app that enticed children in this year 2013.   Carnival of Animals Category - Children between 2 and 6 The app Carnival of Animals allows children to explore music and information about the… Continue reading »

Continuous & Comprehensive Report Generation(CCE Report)

A Report to consolidate student’s performance more than academics at school. This report gives parents a clear understanding of their kids behavior by different evaluation conducted by teachers in different viewpoint. The school can generate CCE report online with simple menu available in PenPencilEraser. Here’s how the CCE Report works Creating CCE Groups & Sub Groups: Group is a way to define segments of a CCE Report. For instance, you can create group of your school standards named Academic, Life Skills, Co curricular Activities and so on. Under each group, different elements may fall which could be defined in the… Continue reading »