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Give your school an edge of Web-based School Management with our Cloud Hosting Solution at
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Celebrate the innovative solutions at your school for school management, look for the wholesome 100+ features with integrated website that provides comprehensive solution.
Complete Pack Cloud Hosting Solution
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Subscription Cost: per student per month #
For 1001+ Students                                    Rs. 17.12
For 501 to 1000 Students                          Rs. 20.52
For 201 to 500 Students                            Rs. 22.82
For 100 to 200 Students                            Rs. 34.22
Recommended to use Google Chrome Browser, Internet Connection of 2Mbps+.
# Prices inclusive of taxes. No Payment deducted during your trial period.
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Log on to PenPencilEraser Website.


Enter the no. of students required and complete the subscription and payment.

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Start using your PenPencilEraser in 48 hours. Our School Care Team would assist to upload your existing data.

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Looking for a License Model?

Lifetime License Solution is available with one time payment.

Contact us at +91 88708 00 773.

V1.3.5 Comprehensive Solution to Smart School Management
Give your school the digital advantage, become a Tech-Savvy School, Manage stuffs Smartly, Swiftly & Securely.

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Email: ask@penpencileraser.com
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