Issue 023, December 2015

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Dear School Management,

Warm Greetings!

Learning and teaching strategies are always been the part of the schools. When you are given an option to explore strategies to manage schools better in a smarter way it is a perfect enlightenment for the overall vision of the schools. It may or may not be agreeable! I am a believer of strategic changes to deliver better and swiftly, if this is your cup of tea too, join us.

We received quite a many demo requests and feedback over our last few mailers. Here is what I have learned. We received ample appreciation about PenPencilEraser and its various modules. Many were impressed about the pricing and stated acceptable and reasonable. The best part was our upfront discussion and open validation of the requirements along with priority services were the bedrock to build great trust among the schools. Few portion of feedback was like they were willing to trial for few weeks to check on the feasibility. Yes, quite logical and we welcome the same.

Further, when it was read between the lines we could understand they expect support over the data upload or migration and that was something available with us. If you are a school with the same thought and wish to request for a demo. You are appreciated, we would be glad to have you in association. One of the feedback that was shared was like finding new advantage over digitalization which is shared in the article below ‘Tech Solutions to the Professional Goals of Busy School Principals’ which takes you to details.

Just be aware that all of this motivation from you and lot others paved way for the all new website launch which will be released shortly with interesting user experience.

Gratified as always, Thank you!

To your digital success,

Best Regards,

Subashini Srikumar, Editor

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Tech Solutions to the Professional Goals of Busy School Principals

Author: PPE Desk, India

Management of school from the principal perspective is considered to be an overloaded schedule. Handling of the multi-administration, dealing with the government bodies, rules, updates and other associations keeps them engaged in the so-called School Administrative office room and are struck with the computers and laptop.

When the below practice is made consistent over a period of time the school would be seen to grow multi-fold in terms of education, strength and presence.

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Annual 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament, Ibadan – An Overview

Author: Ahmed S A, Ibadan

PenPencilEraser encourages sports events and this is one such in highlight. Sports among the youth of today creates life with velocity and produces massive momentum for the overall success as student. With the desire to give the best and create ample success was this tournament encouraged.

The city of Ibadan hosted the energetic sports event, “PenPencilEraser 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament” successfully, on the 23rd of October 2015, at the Lekan Salami stadium Adamasingba, Ibadan Oyo State, Nigeria.

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The Management Science of Schooling

Author: Vallikannu K, India

How successful an individual is depends not on the profession taken up, but on how the individual manages problems in whatever profession he takes up. Hence, arises the importance of Management. Schools, knowingly or unknowingly teach this science of Management because of the vast routine that is being followed in schools systematically.

If Schools are just places where the child learns the alphabet, the math or the science, schools would never hold such value. It is something beyond the subjects that the child learns, which actually gives the highly valued moral image for Schools.

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"Penpencileraser is the best School Management Software we have come across, the pricing is very convenient and numerous schools are interested in the product especially because it offers a very complete and comprehensive package at a very affordable price. The user interface is very simple to understand and to use along with all the features. Penpencileraser has the prospect of being the most popular School Management Software in Nigeria, and it can as well be a forerunner to upgrade the educational institution.

Mr. Ahmed, Rippinit Production,
Ibadan, Nigeria

"Oh! yes, I had been a part of PenPencilEraser for quite some time and just got to do a meticulous comparative analysis with few other competitive software, PenPencilEraser clearly distinguishes being completely dynamic, flexible to suit any schools, any boards and any country. The schools in my connections were impressed with its user-friendliness, detailed reports and many did acknowledge on the impressive assessment report. I would strongly recommend this product.

Mr. Venkad, Private Consultant – Schools
Bangalore, India

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