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Manage your school stuff smartly, simply and above all securely! PenPencilEraser is incredible school management software for schools in Nigeria, aids in controlling, coordinating, communicating among the Management, Teachers, Students and Parents. Bestow your school the pride, privilege, possession of this distinctive school management software explicitly designed for Nigerian Schools.
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By and large, schools in Nigeria experience an enormous volume of database which includes students, teaching staffs, non-teaching staffs along with the curriculum. Hence, it calls for the technological support to ease the upholding. When the technology is advanced, the custom-made solution and continuous support brings in more peace in the minds of management for the total control.

PPE is introduced as online school management software aids to digitalize the needs of Management, Teachers, Parents and Students with the vital amalgamation of requirements of Nigerian Schools. PPE features with the Staff Management, Student Management, Curriculum Management, Generating Reports, Maintaining Contacts instantly and its aided multi-features lets you to stay linked all the while for the presence and performance.
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Easing school automation!
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Why hosted solution?
Subscribing to our Hosted Solution, your school can enjoy hassle-free server maintenance, all latest updates and technologies free of any additional cost.
In the Cloud

Your PenPencilEraser accounts are hosted in Cloud servers, for a consistent and High Availability of the servers. Also, the Data Centers are sited in the nearest geographical locale, thus the data travels fast through the shortest distance.

Free Scaling Up Features

PenPencilEraser improves synchronously with latest technology. Schools enrolled enjoy free upgrades and features every subsequent month.