PenPencilEraser carefully maneuvers each feature in a user-friendly framework. A completely catalogued guideline, comprising of frequently asked questions and answers pertaining to PenPencilEraser, resolves your queries.
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Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is the need for our organization to sign up with PPE?
By and large, schools with more than 500 students experience an enormous volume of database which includes students, teaching staffs, non-teaching staffs along with the curriculum. Hence it calls for the technological support to ease the upholding. When the technology is advanced, the custom-made solution and continuous support brings in more peace in the minds of management for the total control.

PPE is introduced as online school management software aids to digitalize the needs of management, teachers, parents and students with the vital amalgamation. PPE features with the staff management, student management, curriculum management, generating reports, maintaining contacts instantly and its aided multi-features lets you to stay linked all the while for the presence and performance.
2. What is the purpose of the PenPencilEraser for the management?
PPE showcases the benefits for the management which aids to eliminate the complications in managing and maintaining the crucial tasks of communication, courses, academics, classroom allotment, transport, schedule, performance, database and much more.
3. How PenPencilEraser is implemented in our school?
PPE-the school management system has a state-of-art technology and is cloud software which eliminates the need of special hardware or local installation. With the ergonomic features it operates instantly on the sign up!
4. How secure is the data of our organization in PenPencilEraser?
PPE is hosted independently for each client without any common framework and hence it eliminates the fear of unauthorized access. We guarantee promising security at all levels.
5. Are there chances for data loss, in view of the fact that our information is very crucial?
With the affluent technical support, backup is available up-to-the-minute basis which eliminates the fear of data loss. Many other preventive measures are built-in our system which permits us to deliver much confidence in maintaining your valuable data.
6. How will we get support from PenPencilEraser after installation?
Support and guidance are key principles of our organization. Dedicated team of professional is available round the clock to get you on track with the software. Instant remote support is also extended through skype/mikogo.
7. How long can we expect help from PenPencilEraser team?
Boundless support is offered by our team of professional as until the contrast lasts.
8. Is there a Web site where our "school" information can be viewed?
PPE integrates the application with your website and hence another website becomes ineffectual.
9. Can we customize PenPencilEraser as per our desire?
Yes, will be our answer as PPE provides with many attention-grabbing customization at all levels and for different users. Experience to know better.
10.Am I allowed to include links to other websites or web pages for our students/parents reference?
This dedicated application allows you to link to RSS feeds to stay connected and updated all the while.
11. Can we set profile pictures?
Doubtlessly, possible to set the profile picture for every user you create in PPE.
12. Can we export the reports into Excel or pdf formats?
This feature works as a child's play, easy to export with different feel in reports each time.
13. How do I update/change our school information?
The complete control will be provided to the authorized person and hence the desired changes can be easily made.
14. What should I do to renew our PPE license?
Time left over for the license renewal will be always displayed in the dashboard of the administrator, and when it's time to update the license, a direct link for renewal will be provided. So, you can renew the license, without much difficulty.
15. How can I obtain a printed version of our students' addresses?
Inbuilt is a set-up to print the address labels, reducing the big deal of aligning and printing an entire set of labels.
16. Where can I send suggestions?

PenPencilEraser is committed to offer exclusive solutions to customers, and thus gladly accepts all your suggestions. You can drop your feedback through the feedback provision provided in your dashboard.