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Collaborative Platform Engineered for School Management & Administration!

School Administration, Supervision, Management, Co-ordination, Collaborative Communication made simple!

Student Applications Mechanized for Submission, Collection & Accumulation

Application Management

  • For Management
  • For Parents
  • For Students

Acquire the application submitted by students through online in the website. Collective view of the received applications.


Update the applications received as hard copies into the software. Simplified selection process with the complete view of the accumulated applications.


Simple Admission Process – Select, Hold or Reject

Admission Management

  • For Management
  • For Parents
  • For Students
Tranquil Review

Review student applications with simplicity allow management to select, hold or to reject, experience relaxed admission process.

Systematize Allocation

Add selected applicants in the database of the existing students, Assign class and sections automatically.

Quick and Instant Attendance handling for Faculty and Students

Attendance Management

  • For Management
  • For Teachers
  • For Parents
  • For Students
Experience quick, automatic, rapid leave approvals, session absenteeism, late coming, biometric and instant report generation simplifies to handle the attendance of faculty and students.
Time Saving strategy to mark only the absentees for the day or session, late coming can be opted to register, get a quick look into the attendance of each student, message and intimate when required. Flexibility to shift class or drift from the present schedule and can also take a replacement.
Request leave online, get status updates and notifies approvals, track your attendance report anytime, and get the intimations & notifications from school anytime.

Prioritize Homework & Assignments - Assign, Track, Attach, Comment, Notify and Approve

Homework Management

  • For Management
  • For Teachers
  • For Parents
  • For Students
Abridged to Assign & Track for Teachers

Assign homework & assignment with deadlines, track the completion, send warnings & reminders, set to prioritize, mark a status with active or inactive.

Simplified for Parents & Students

A great emphasis, parents keep the works of the child updated without much slits. Track, complete & share, send messages & attachments.

Tranquil Allocation of Subjects, Faculty, Tutors, Blocks & Classrooms

Class, Standards & Section Management

  • For Management
  • For Teachers
  • For Parents
  • For Students
Quick show for Management

Simplify the class management tasks right from the allocation of the sections, classrooms, the tutor, the subject teachers and the schedule.

Track and Assign

Virtual view of the details of the each class and the sections in a single screen. Stimulating track system to proceed error free and reduce the complications.


Flexible Timetable Settings with Drag & Drop Feature

Timetable Management

  • For Management
  • For Teachers
  • For Parents
  • For Students
Set your Timetable in a single go

Platform situates the task simpler, allowing to set the timetable with the drag and drop option.

Complete Integration

Design the timetable and schedule for the students and the staffs keen on the requirement that gets cohesive in the various other modules.

Communicate & Collaborate Anytime & Anywhere

Messages and Announcements Management

  • For Management
  • For Teachers
  • For Parents
  • For Students
Communicate & intimate in all disciplines with this software platform. Intricate & strategic for communicating between the different user groups, in groups or individuals.
Time saving system providing better results. In a nutshell, with the necessary strategy this unique messages and announcements easily communicates to the entire school, different classes and different individuals.
No omissions, No deletions, get all the intimations prompting in a single place. Communicate to clarify and update with the school and respective faculty members.

Track, Plan and Perform with Online Syllabus

Syllabus Management

  • For Teachers
  • For Parents
  • For Students
Mark a Quick Reference

Complete year syllabus for each class for quick reference. More so, it benefits teachers to track the flow of the syllabus.

Manage Syllabus

Syllabus added based on standards and individual subjects for quick reference. Get assigned to the class automatically.

Exam Schedule Announcement, Tracking & Syllabus Notification

Exams Management

  • For Teachers
  • For Parents
  • For Students
Instant Availability

Simple to manage, Assign the exam dates along with corresponding subjects and syllabus. Announce Exams with assessment schedule for instant availability for the parents and the students.

Manage Pre-Schedule

Record all the exam details and keep it inactive until the need arises. Instantaneous assigning and communicating by managing the exam portions made easy as never.

Dynamic Grades Setting & Managing Scores Digitally

Marks/Grade Management

  • For Teachers
  • For Parents
  • For Students
Digitalized performance analysis of the students, Manage the marks and grade with the ease of technology support. Time saving system yet improved efficiency.
Simplicity experienced for teachers to update the scores in a single screen for the complete class and based on their respective subjects. Robust system for the scholastic performance analysis of the student.
Demonstrates the grades and performance of the student in terms of scholastic, non-scholastic and attendance. Anytime access over the performance report in parents and students portal log-in.

First and best of its kind, Vitality & Logical Vivacity Experienced, Scholastic and Non-Scholastic Assessments.

Detailed CCE Report Generation

  • For Management
  • For Teachers
  • For Parents
  • For Students
Scholastic & Co-Scholastic Assessment

Vitality in education performs with keen assessment report with elements of dynamic grading, weightage of each assessment and consolidated report with the set weightage that goes with the numerous co-scholastic grading.

Exclusive & Comprehensive

Logical vivacity tracking the progress of the child and provides clear picture to improve the performance. Detailed CCE report generation with the dynamic options at all levels. Tool setting, dynamic grading, comment setting, weightage and more. Don’t Miss to have a look at it.

Dedicated School Website with CMS, SEO & Design Themes

School Website Management

  • For Management
  • For Parents
  • For Students
Manage Website Independently

Impressive website for your school with the possibilities to change the theme color, the contents, images as and when required. Independently handle the complete content management system.

Integrated & Dynamic

Effortlessly create the dynamic functionality along with friendly SEO makes it a total integration for better online presence and promotions.

Online Tracking of Student Activities, Homework, Messages & More

Parents/Students Portal Management

  • For Management
  • For Parents
  • For Students
Unparalleled Level of Collaboration

Dedicated portal for parents unique and highly protected log. Amplifies unparalleled level of instant communication with the teachers and the management. Possibility to view announcements, messages, schedules and other activities.

Springs a Personalized Feel

Organizes to track the schedule of timetable, teachers handling various subjects, holidays, assessments and more. Personalizes with the individual details. Accelerates communication with the faculty and school.

Comprehensive, Secured, Customized Fee Receipts, Set Privileges, Late Fee & Auto-reminders

Fee Management

  • For Management
  • For Parents
  • For Students
Customizes & Configures School Fees

Flexible customization, dynamic fee receipts, configures individual fee allocation, due date, reminders and late payments.

Secured, Automated & Complete

Expertize solution with enhanced security, generates robust reports, gain complete control over the fee collection. Highlights the due date reminders that pre-set the up to 10 alerts directed as SMS to parents.

Generate Remuneration with Dynamic Income & Expenditure Categories

Payroll Management

  • For Management
  • For Teachers
Proven to Simplify

Effectively manage the payroll of staffs. Integrate all the intricacies with possibility to generate the salary slip, statement, PF statement, other income and deductions.

Spontaneous with Attendance

Calculations based on the configurations, the system calculates the salary of each employee and generates the pay slips automatically. Engineered attendance calculation that is feasible to be compatible with the biometric and RFID integrations.


Simplified, Secured, Analysis tools, Track balance, Set Reminders

Money Management

  • For Management
Automatized with Simplification

Online Accounting Application to work with centralization, simplified with the vendor details. Benefits the integration of various analysis tool and robust reports with ultimate accuracy and security.

Streamlines with Integration

Track the balance for each accounts head and close when required. Make the best to streamline the Money Management of your school with convenience.

Customized TC/LC Certificate, Quick and Simple Process, Handle in Groups or Individual

TC/LC Management

  • For Management
Amiable Solution

Issuing School Transfer/School Leaving Certificate simplified with customized print. Proves to be an amiable platform to simplify your task, selecting the students with confirmation to discontinue status and issue of TC.

Print & Re-print even in Groups

Customized Certificates can be printed for individual or for a group of students. Facilitating options to reprint on requirement.


Reports for selected Groups, Class, Sections or Individuals be it Students or Faculty

Reports Management

  • For Management
  • For Parents
  • For Students
Enticing & Appealing Instant Reports

Transforming the school activities to the technology centric equips the reports section a beguiling solution for the various departments of the school.

Reports for various Records & Submissions

Instantaneous report generation can be applied for any details and can be shared in the format of print, pdf or excel sheet. This keeps the school functioning with good track record. Highly commendable reports are now available for your school to try.

Automatic Academic Roll Over with Archive for anytime Retrieval

Academic Roll Over

  • For Management
Secure Every Year Data

Creates a base to Big Data as each time the school archive all the data from the current year and move to the next year. Keeps the best intact of the data from being able to be retrieved at any point of time.

User-Friendly Roll-Over to New Academic Year

Conceptual roll-over concept helps the school to stay online with the history and the data always. The various settings can be updated after the completion of the current year and go for changes if required.


Bundled offer: Work Tracker & Time Tracker in Kanbon work style now integrated

Citrus Tracker Integration

  • For Management
  • For Teachers
Work Tracker

Define tasks, assign and share, track anytime, communicate without email, online to access anywhere and much more to create a virtual organisation with the members and boards. Perfect in popular Kanbon work style to systematize and realize target results.

Time Tracker with Time Sheet

Blended with the work tracker simple to go with to record time based on task, measure it to improvise, record for improvements, clear and focused work style leads to great achievements.

Perennial Development process, Easy Scaling up, Version Releases

Perennial Updates

  • For Management
  • For Teachers
  • For Parents
  • For Students
Enjoy Scaling up

Perennial development process considering updates to stand competitive with the trend. The versions come into existence as the new feature comes to being and the school benefit with the automatic scaling up of the new feature without any hindrance.

New Features in Development

Added features that are in line for completion are the Library Management, Transport Management, Alumni Management, Online Storage and Collaboration, Vendor contact book, Mobile/Tablet UI.