Technology Support for Education

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever” – Gandhi.

Education is one of the basic necessity for a person to live a stable and happy life. A great and reputed life are few of the benefits of being an educated person. Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself. Therefore, education provided must not only be for the sheer purpose of earning money or building a great career, but also to enlighten and rekindle the personality of an individual.

The true purpose of education is to make great minds, not careers. So, in this journey of educating the student, the teacher may need some aids to drive them into the correct direction or make it more interesting for them. Apart from the primitive teaching methods, some new improved and innovative strategies are being implemented.

Tech Support for education

One of the major technology that has taken the entire world by storm is the Internet. It has made our jobs easier, access to information quick and less stressful. According to the latest data, video for homework is on the rise; mobile computing is “beyond the tipping point”; and most kids don’t use traditional computers to connect to the Internet at home. The students are having access to their computers, tablets or mobiles comparatively more than they have to their teachers. These days, students tend to show a greater interest in doing things on their own by seeing rather than being taught.

The teacher must take advantage of this interest and nurture the student to improve their creativity and thinking abilities. Video is another tool that has been on the rise in recent years. Many students access videos online-through their own initiative-to help with their homework. If teachers are able to make their own videos and go online, so that their students can access them, it would be an added advantage for the students to see them anytime and understand a concept better. Students perform better when they have the opportunity to tell their teachers what things in the classroom needs improvement, contrary to the old belief that students are too young to know what they need.

However, technology is an expensive investment and an ongoing expense as devices quickly become obsolete. Every issue has its pros and cons just as a coin has two sides to it. There are so many amazing things that a teacher can do with kids in a classroom. Negotiating, sitting down and figuring out a problem — don’t know how that happens on a computer. The good or bad of any technology, depends on how we use it. If rightly enacted, technology can be a boon to education and can revolutionize the process of doing it. In near future, education becomes much easily available to each and every one. Technology helps us to do it soon.

“A teacher never teaches pupils, simply provides the conditions in which they can learn” — Albert Einstein.