An Experience of a Teacher

Being a teacher makes me very proud, as this profession has given me an opportunity to mould every child’s life to their best, so that they can shine in their life. The education we provide should be a life time process. Where there is no ending. It is the duty of every teacher to inspire their students and enhance their desire to learn more.

I believe that every child by obtaining education will improve his knowledge, this will in turn encourage and motivate him to build his self esteem and develops an innate feeling of self responsibility within himself. The education that we actually give is the sum of experiences that we let ourselves share them with the children. A good teacher must possess teaching skills and the ability to effectively teach all kinds of students. I do believe that not all children are able to attain the same education level but, I do feel that every child has his own way of understanding things that make sense to him.

Children mostly learn by doing and not by listening. They do need to learn to do things in their own way and at their own pace. Some of the tips of education which are incorporating in our school are Group Activity and Group Discussion. This helps the child to develop positive attitude and self responsibility and participation which plays a major key factor in the class experience.

I believe that learning is the process which a person acquires knowledge through both instructions and teaching. We as teachers should provide Good Quality education which provide educational outcomes beyond student performance in subjects and study the attributes of quality learning environments which reflect the scholastic, and co-scholastic areas.

So my dear friends it needs no description that the teacher is the pivot of any educational system of the younger students. On him rests the failure or the success of the system. If the teachers are well educated and if they are intellectually alive and take keen interest in their job, then only, success is ensured. But, if on the other hand, they lack training in education and if they cannot give their heart to their profession, the system is destined to fail. Hence, the teacher is another vital component of the school.